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Favourite Movies: Cruel Intentions (1999)

"We’ve done some pretty fucked up shit in our time but this…I mean, we’re destroying an innocent girl. You do realise that?"


"I feel like that’s why people connect with it. Someone came up to me today and told me, “I was having the worst time of my life: my parents got divorced and someone died and my boyfriend broke up with me at the exact same time. And your album got me through it, and now I’m so much better.” And I was like …That’s why I make music."

It’s all about personality. I like certain things that I know other people will not like, but I don’t care. I like things to be a bit… décalé [off-beat]. I might wear the wrong shoes. Or sweater… but I wear exactly what I like.


Screencap meme:

One rule: NO changing your desktop once you’ve been tagged! Even if it’s embarrassing!

I was tagged by the lovelies jongritte and ifallontragedy (thanks bbs!). Normally my desktop has a ridiculous amount of things like dozens of my recent edits/gifs, notepads and whatnot but I recently cleaned it so at least I saved myself a bit of embarrassment lol. And that’s my own mmfd wallpaper that i’ve been using as background since April because i’m too lazy to make a new one.

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Lana Del Rey, for Complex magazine

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