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anything for the crown, c r o w n,   c    r    o    w    n
when the lights dimming down, down, down
i spin around ‘cause I’m a primadonna girl, yeah
all I ever wanted was  t h e   w o r l d

        Dedicated to mademoiselle taylor


"I was reading a lot of books like Hollywood Babylon, focusing more on the gossipy, suicidal side of the ’30s and ’40s in Hollywood. That’s how it started, and then it grew into a real project. I just wanted to make a gimmick out of love. We’re so familiar with the idea of love in pop songs, but I didn’t want it to fall into that kind of clichéd category. So I thought I’d create Electra Heart.” insp

get to know me meme [2/5] favourite tv shows: My Mad Fat Diary (series two)


Anatomy of Songs [wronghands]


Florence Welch, photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue, Aug 2014.

(click the image for extremely high-res photo.)